Robosapien's brain

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I accidentally fried the brain of my Robosapien by applying 9V to the VCC. Fortunately I was able to get a replacement main board from WowWee and nothing else in my Robosapien was damaged. Since I had a dead main board I decided to remove the CPU (labelled U2 on the board). At the time (and before I secured a replacement) I considered replacing the brain with a big PIC or multiple PIC microcontrollers. Just emulating the RoboSapien's CPU would have been a major undertaking as I'm sure a lot of work went into the timing of motor movements to make RoboSapien walk. With U2 removed I was able to follow the traces that ran beneath it and documented the circuit layout on this website. I also took some pictures to share here, these pictures also ended up in Jamie Samans' book The RoboSapien Companion.