Robosapien Connections Table

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Label Side / Location Connects to
M1 Left Elbow motor (and opens gripper)
M2 Left Shoulder motor
M3 Right Elbow motor (and opens gripper)
M4 Right Shoulder motor
M5   Tilt body motor
M6 Left Leg/Hip motor
M7 Right Leg/Hip motor
P1.1 Left Arm Finger switch
P1.2 Left Arm Elbow position switch
P1.3 Left Shoulder Position switch
P1.4 Right Arm Finger switch
P1.5 Right Arm Elbow position switch
P1.6 Right Shoulder Position switch
P2.0 Left Eye LED (-)
P2.1 Left Eye LED (-)
P2.2 Left Eye LED (-)
P2.3 Right Eye LED (-)
P2.4 Right Eye LED (-)
P2.5 Right Eye LED (-)
Vcc   Common Vcc for all eye LEDs
P2.6 Left Arm LED (-)
P2.7 Right Arm LED (-)
SPK1 & SPK2   Speaker on back
VDD-IN   Batteries in feet (caution: fluctuates wildly)
GND   Common Ground
IR-OUT IR receiver in head Active low signals, 1200bps
Vcc   Regulated 3.6v (100mA but don't overload it)
Vre   ?

The connection details for the LEDs in Robosapiens eyes.