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RoboSapien IR Codes

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The IR Carrier is 39.2kHz. Data is modulated using a space coded signal with 8 data bits (data clock is 1200Hz, but actual data rate varies depending on the data).

You can skip the IR and IR modulation by wiring directly into the main PCBoard. This can be encoded easily by almost any small microprocessor. For modulating the signals yourself, the signal looks something like this:

Timing based on 1/1200 second clock (~.833ms)
Signal is normally high (idle, no IR).
Start: signal goes low for 8/1200 sec.
Data bits: for each of 8 data bits, space encoded signal depending on bit value
    Sends the most significant data bit first
    If the data bit is 0: signal goes high for 1/1200 sec, and low for 1/1200 sec.
    If the data bit is 1: signal goes high for 4/1200 sec, and low for 1/1200 sec.
    BTW: The first bit (msb) is always 1 (valid codes are from $80 to $FF)
When completed, signal goes high again.
No explicit stop bit. Minimal between signals is not known.

Movement Commands (no shift)

Programming Commands (no shift)

GREEN shift commands

ORANGE shift commands



Several different launch codes (Executing the main program)

Useful? secret codes

not useful [or at least no significant difference detected]


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